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“…come una luce di speranza che brilla nell’oscurità delle segrete di un castello, per tracciare la via dall’incubo al sogno…”
“…as a light of hope that shines in the dark dungeon of a castle, to chart the way from nightmare to dream…”



Andrea Zamboni and Nicolò Dalla Valentina, united by the passion for Progressive Metal, decided to form a band who could merge classic canon of the genre with modern and melodic elements aiming to communicate through a brand new musical language.
Later on, the two were joined by the bassist Filippo Zamboni and they all started searching for a guitarist who could fit in the project. After several line-up changes Riccardo Castelletti joined the group.
Thanks to this intense period of composition, study and rehearsal Fatal Destiny could finally refine their music, the actual band’s lifeblood.
The debut album, “Palindromia”, was recorded in April 2015. It could be seen as the result of a firm intent: the desire to offer a quality product that would be the natural outcome of the band’s passion for music and composition.

Andrea Zamboni: Vocals

Nicolò Dalla Valentina: Drums

Filippo Zamboni: Bass

Riccardo Castelletti: Guitars

(Special guest) Alessandro Bertoni: Keyboards


“…un’opera melodica che si incalza adeguatamente ai canoni odierni e che lascia molto spazio alla sperimentazione e alla vastità del genere proposto…”
“…a melodic work that presses adequately to today’s canons and that leaves a lot of room for experimentation and vastness of the proposed musical genre…”


Recorded by Fatal Destiny at Bass Department Records – Verona – April 2015
Recorded and Edited by Enrico Bellaro
Mixed and Mastered by Matteo Franzan at Bass department records

Track 1: “Palindromia” and track 8: “NO DeviL LIVED ON”
(Created and Mixed by Nicolò Dalla Valentina)

All bass tracks are arranged by Filippo Zamboni
All guitars by Riccardo Castelletti
All keyboards by Alessandro Bertoni

Executive Producer: Filippo Zamboni
Music Producer: Nicolò Dalla Valentina
Artwork: Felipe Machado Franco

All music by Nicolò Dalla Valentina
All lyrics by Andrea Zamboni
All Keyboards by Alessandro Bertoni

Keyboards recorded at D.Sherinian’s BeachWood Manor Studio and Grand Oaks Studio, Los Angeles,(CA)



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